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November 14, 2007


Terry Jones

This could all be done a bit better......

I sent email to the Suithôtel Porte de la Chapelle asking to reserve a room. They didn't answer.

I called and they said someone was going to do the email bookings yesterday and that they'd send me a mail. But they didn't (and yes, I checked my spam folder).

I called them on the phone just now, and they claim to know nothing about any discount codes.

I tried going to the hotel's web site at http://www.suite-hotel.com/suitehotel/index.html
which you folks might have had the foresight to provide us with(!), but if you try to book a room for Dec 10&11 and enter a preferential code of WEB3, you get an error: A technical problem has occurred on our site. Please try again. If the problem persists, send us a message using Contact form.

You can however book a room with no preferential code, at the normal rate.

How can this be so hard!??

It's not worth the hassle of saving 20 euros to go through all these steps trying to do something that should take less than 5 minutes.


I won an admission code for the LeWeb3 in a contest that I want to sell for 500 USD (a 50% discount! - please go to my blog for details).

I really considered going to Paris because LeWeb3 is so important.

Now, I had the same problem as Terry when I tried to book Suithôtel. The clerk on the phone was nice but it is too much trouble to book and organize the flight etc. from Japan (where I am based).

BTW, I tried to book both from IE and FF and got an error message.

Sorry Géraldine, I am sure it is not your fault ;).

So if anybody is interested in buying my registration code without hassles, please click on the blog link.

Maarten Lens-FItzGerald

This the place?


woudl be great if you goole map any adress. Makes it easier for some.

Marshall Sponder


I'm still planning to come and I did book a hotel in downtown Paris using Expedia, along with the Airfare from NYC (~950.00 USD for 4 nights plus air).

The problem I'm having is the French Rail Strike - I haven't heard anyone addressing it - but what happens if the strike is going on in 2 weeks?

Right now, given the location of Les Docks, and given that most people will end up in Hotels that aren't in direct walking distance of LeWeb3 07, is it possible the whole conference will be cancelled?

Is anyone running LeWeb3 making contingency plans in case the strike is still on with the conference takes place?

Specifically, one has to address three issues, at least.

1) Air Controllers are going on strike too - meaning it might be harder to fly into Paris in a couple of weeks if this is not settled soon. Booked flights, like my American Air lines flight on Dec 8th, might be cancelled or changed - throwing my trip off.

2) Hotel - my hotel is in downtown Paris - assuming the strike is going on, and I can fly in, will LeWeb3 have busses from a easy to get to downtown location to take attendees to Les Docks?

3) Depending on how many speakers / people get derailed, is there anything that can be done today - to tell people who are coming that they should still come, even if the strike is still on?

I know 2 & 3 are almost identical - but they're not - the idea is that if the hotel's are already messed up (I tried the reccomended hotels and did not hear back from anyone, also) - that tells me that more needs to be done to make sure this conference easy to attend.

Just my thoughts, hope they're addressed.

Marshall Sponder
Marshall Sponder
Web Analytics Association Board of Director - Social Media Committee
http://www.SmartMobs.com Contributor
http://www.artnewyorkcity.com/ (Art NYC)
SKYPE # MarshallSponder


I'm sorry about the hotel not responding...
The strikes, the conference is in 2 weeks and everything should be ok then.. I hope.
We tried hard to find great rates, it is not an easy part and we are a very small team.
Sorry about that we'll try to do better next year.

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